Us Among The Stones - Crowd Funding

Us Among The Stones

Yesterday I had the privilege of covering an event for a mentor of mine – Dictynna Hood, a writer/director, whose first film Wreckers (2011) starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy.

Us Among The Stones - Crowd Funding

Dictynna was hosting a crowd funding event in the Library (in London) for her second feature “Us Among the Stones” staring – Laurence Fox, Anna Calder-Marshall, Sinead Matthews, Raia Haidar, Greg Hicks, Oliver Cotton. The film is produced by Thembisa Cochrane & Georgie Paget. The event was to raise funds to complete the post production of the feature.

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Cropping Buildings & Structures

Learning to See

Recently, I watched a few courses on the Masterclass Series; Filmmaking by Martin Scorsese and Photography by Annie Leibovitz, one thing they both mentioned is learning how to see. This actually curios as to how I see. What do I like visually? What is my visual taste? I decided to go London South Bank, take a tonne of photos and work out what I like visually. I had a rough sense of it but I wanted to articulate it.

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Katia's Story

Katia’s Story Shoot

Had a great time collaborating with some really talented folks on Saturday, working on a micro short – Katia’s Story. The lead image is a Canon Log file (ungraded) from the shoot, editing will be done this week with final output expected over the next weekend.

ACTOR  // Ayvianna Snow

MAKEUP // Rachel Shepherd


WRITER / DIRECTOR // Kayode Olorunfemi

Katia's Story
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