Cropping Buildings & Structures

Learning to See

Recently, I watched a few courses on the Masterclass Series; Filmmaking by Martin Scorsese and Photography by Annie Leibovitz, one thing they both mentioned is learning how to see. This actually curios as to how I see. What do I like visually? What is my visual taste? I decided to go London South Bank, take a tonne of photos and work out what I like visually. I had a rough sense of it but I wanted to articulate it.

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Katia's Story

Katia’s Story Shoot

Had a great time collaborating with some really talented folks on Saturday, working on a micro short – Katia’s Story. The lead image is a Canon Log file (ungraded) from the shoot, editing will be done this week with final output expected over the next weekend.

ACTOR  // Ayvianna Snow

MAKEUP // Rachel Shepherd


WRITER / DIRECTOR // Kayode Olorunfemi

Katia's Story

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New Website… Coming soon.

We are currently updating our website (which has not had a face lift in 2 years). The structure is mostly in place but a lot work is still being done with regard to copy and images. Full release should be end of October 2017.

Pre shoot

Pre shoot

Cleaning and getting gear ready for a shoot tomorrow for Pimco Investment Summit holding at The Landmark Hotel, London.

Portrait Light Test

Portrait Light Test

Played around with some speedlights and an LED testing different set-ups as prep for a few portrait shoots I have over the weekend. Would be interesting to see what shooters vs none shooters prefer, will keep my favourite under wraps.

All about the jaw

Peter Hurley shows how to get that pose that nails the shot… its all about the jaw!

New website

First Post

Okay so our new website (which you are on of course) is almost ready and this is our maiden post, okay its just a test so the real maiden post will be coming soon.