How we work

We always like to have a phone or face to face conversation of what your expectations are for the shoot and how best to deliver the results you want, we then estimate how long it will take to execute the shoot and invoice you accordingly. We usually charge a flat fee of £150 / hour but will let you know if it will cost more. Please note we round up time slots to an hour.

The shoot is commissioned once payment is received on the invoice. We aim to arrive at the shoot location 30 minutes before the shoot time except otherwise agreed. Images are provided within 5 working days on a secure webpage where you can preview and download your chosen shots or the whole collection, as well as grant access to other colleagues.

Travel outside the M25 is quoted per commission.



  1. No usage rights shall be granted until this invoice is paid in full.
  2. Work would commence on receipt of 50% deposit except otherwise agreed in writing, outstanding balances are due on completion.
  3. Images/files supplied by Box of Matches may not be used for any commercial purposes including sale, exploitation, reproduction or syndication to third parties.
  4. After payment of invoice images/files remain the sole copyright of Box of Matches, usage rights are granted for a period of 5 years from date of shoot except otherwise agreed in writing.
  5. Images/files are provided within 14 days of the shoot with minimal retouching for colour balance only.
  6. Any complaints should first be raised by the client with Box of Matches in writing within 7 days from the date of receipt of digital images/files.
  7. This agreement is subject to and enforcable in the United Kingdom under UK Law.
  8. Box of Matches, Unboxed Pictures, Unboxed Films, boOM! and boOM! Production are trading names of Box of Matches Ltd registered in England No. 7482822.