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Box of Matches was born out of a passion to help people and organisations project their authentic self to the world. We specialise in event photography for the corporate world. For us, it’s about capturing the buzz of the day and helping people see the personal side of the organisations we serve, covering events in London, Essex and Kent.

If you are making plans for an event do get in touch and lets see how we can help.

WHY // Our Passion!

As documentarians we focus on helping organisations capture the essence of their occasion. Stripping back from the hustle and bustle of a live event to uncover the heart that beats within the vision.

WHAT // Your Story!

One question we ask everyone we work with is – What’s your story? Humans have an inmate connection to story, which is why we try to find that emotional connection between what you do and why it matters to you.

HOW // Express Yourself!

At the heart of every great product or service is a person; that ‘person’ is who we strive to show. Employing the eye of a journalist, producing imagery that projects you in an authentic way.

"When we begin to offer not merely our gifts but our true selves, that is when we become powerful."

John Eldregde


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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Pimco 2018 Investment Summit

Pimco Investment Summit

Recently we had the honor of covering the European Investor Day for PIMCO UK, held at The Principal London, 1-8 Russell Square, London. This was a half day event with a lot of high profile guests so it’s important to arrive early to avoid delays if there are extra security checks.

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5 Tips for booking an event photographer

5 Tips For Booking a Corporate Event Photographer

A good photographer is a key part of events which an event manager/coordinator has to source. Here are 5 tips that would help your photographer document your event.

1. Have a brief.
A brief does not have to be a long document, however, it does need to inform what you expect. How much coverage you require, how long the coverage should be and what the images would be used for. Most photographers would arrive well before start time but don’t assume (we would usually arrive at least 1 hour before an event). 

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Pimco European Investor Day, London

Pimco European Investor Day – Coverage

Last week was pretty busy for us, we had one set of corporate headshots that took the whole day and two corporate events. Wednesday was photography coverage for Pimco – European Investor Day held at The Principal London, 1-8 Russell Square, London.

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Us Among The Stones - Crowd Funding

Us Among The Stones

Yesterday I had the privilege of covering an event for a mentor of mine – Dictynna Hood, a writer/director, whose first film Wreckers (2011) starred Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy.

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Cropping Buildings & Structures

Learning to See

Recently, I watched a few courses on the Masterclass Series; Filmmaking by Martin Scorsese and Photography by Annie Leibovitz, one thing they both mentioned is learning how to see. This actually curios as to how I see. What do I like visually? What is my visual taste? I decided to go London South Bank, take a tonne of photos and work out what I like visually. I had a rough sense of it but I wanted to articulate it.

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Katia's Story

Katia’s Story Shoot

Had a great time collaborating with some really talented folks on Saturday, working on a micro short – Katia’s Story. The lead image is a Canon Log file (ungraded) from the shoot, editing will be done this week with final output expected over the next weekend.

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