About Box of Matches

Kayode Olorunfemi
Kayode Olorunfemi
Creative Director

Hi there, thanks for dropping by, I am ‘Kayode’, {pronounced ‘car-your-day’} the founder and creative director of Box of Matches [boOM!].

I have always found still or moving images fascinating for as long as I can remember. While I was working as a web designer I would find any excuse to take the photos and videos for the website. The strange thing is I seemed to enjoy it a whole lot more than my main role. What struck me the most was how much I loved capturing people doing what they love, the passion of the moment and the essence of them enjoying what they do.

Box of Matches specialises in Events and Headshots for professionals. Its about capturing the buzz of the day and helping people see the personal side of the companies and organisations we serve. If you are making plans for an event or thinking about business portraits do get in touch

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